Trafalgar Drummers

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Trafalgar & Pickle Nights

Trafalgar Night functions are celebrated all around the world, but originate from HM Royal Navy's Ward Rooms where all the officers would celebrate the great win at the Battle of Trafalgar. This is done in late October every year on and around the date of the Battle on the 21st & in true traditional style which includes Mess Beatings and Officers Dinner Call by the Drummer/Bugler, the parading of the beef which is traditionally drummed around the tables by a Drummer or both Drummer and Fifer playing Georgian period songs/drum beatings and of course the Ships of the line & the Immortal Memory speech.


Pickle Night functions are once again celebrated around the world but originated from HM Royal Navy's Senior Rates Messes to mark the anniversary of HMS Pickle bringing back the news of Trafalgar back to England. This is celebrated on and around the 5th of November and are slightly less as formal & more rowdy although there are still traditions and rules to be up held. We usually perform a Mess Beatings then sound the Dinner Call. We then sometimes play some back ground music through out the evening and Drum or Bugle to get peoples attention between speeches & for the Rum issue. After the meal has finished we sometimes perform a small display & talk of what the duties of Royal Marines were in the Georgian times & various other interesting facts from life on board ships of that era.


We have over 30 years experience in performing at these events both locally and further a field. And have regular customers that like us to perform at their event every year. We both really enjoy performing at these celebrations and take great pride in doing so, but it is advisable to book in advance as both October and November can be extremely busy.






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