Trafalgar Drummers

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Uniforms changed a lot in the Napoleonic period & were usually based on what was in fashion at the time. The Royal Marines appeared to have similar uniforms to the Army but are believed to have been about 5 years behind them. The distinctive Round Hat was used by the army at an earlier date but it was mainly used by the Marines (Royal Marines from 1802), this was from about 1799 to 1815. The hat would also signify what part of the Corps the wearer was from. A Grenadier would have the Brim bound in Black Tape, White Band, Looping White & a White Worsted Tuft. Battalion: Brim bound in White Tape, White Band, Looping Black & a White over Red Worsted Tuft. Light Infantry: Brim bound in Black Tape, White Band, Looping White & a Green Worsted Tuft. Drummers would always have Red over White Worsted Tufts. The white duck trousers were eventually dyed a fast blue because of an order given on the 12th December 1808. Rank was signified by shoulder knots on the right hand side until chevrons were adopted following an order to Plymouth division on the 4th September 1807. There are many more interesting facts about the uniforms worn in the past and present at the Royal Marines Museum Portsmouth.


The pictures below are of the Full Marching Uniform. Note that the Envelope Pack, Water Canteen & Bread Bag are all extras for when based on land and not standard issue to the drummer. The sword was worn by all drummers as it was the only way for them to protect themselves in battle.














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